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Get benefits of serverless instant communication over your local area network with zero administration and zero configuration. CEZEO Software Ltd. specializes in developing network communication tools for local area networks, and focuses on serverless technologies. Software developed by CEZEO solves communication problems and provides substantial benefits, requires zero administration and is always easy to use and to install. CEZEO instant messengers for Intranet, LAN, WAN and VPN networks employ fault tolerant and fully distributed peer-to-peer architecture. Make instant communications faster, easier and more secure with CEZEO products! Our software is Easy-to-deploy , Easy-to-administrate and Easy-to-use.



LanTalk NET is an intranet LAN messenger, which, in fact, substitutes corporate e-mail for exchanging files and messages in many companies, because LanTalk NET is faster and better.

The program, having a fault-tolerant and fully distributed architecture, enables one to transfer files, to detect users' availability without server software, to send messages to offline clients, and to perform many other functions like sending from command line.

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To predict SSD (solid-state drive) lifetime we've developed SsdReady for Windows. This tool will give you an idea of how long your SSD will last based on the frequency with which you write data to the drive. If there are too many disk writes, SsdReady will tell you how to moderate data usage so you don't max out on the write limit.

It's good for your PC and good for your crucial data. Using a solid-state drive with disk write optimization was never so easy.

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SecureWord is a program for storing your confidential information. SecureWord is a sensible compromise between simplicity and safety. You simply need to remember one password to an encrypted database, where you can store an unlimited number of logins and passwords, credit card and bank account numbers or any other confidential information.

Using secure algorithms certified by US government, clipboard data protection and multi-user support guarantees you the highest protection rate.

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BackUpTime is a FREE, multi-functional program for creating data backups and archives. Even if you take all possible precautions, when working with information, there is always a chance that the results of your work, stored on a hard drive, will be damaged due to a virus, system error or some disk failure.

BackUpTime will help you to avoid the problems often caused by such incidents. At a specified time, it will automatically backup all of your information, archive it, and then save to any storage medium.

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Do you know that the delete function does not clear the space where deleted file is located and just mark the entry in directory ( folder ) that the file is deleted?

That is why the file can be restored later, by you or by a bad guy that thus would be able to get an access to your private files. You need to use Wipe utility that will erase all information old (deleted) files contain. Disk Redactor is a Wipe utility and it's FREE.

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Password generation utility is FREE tool to generate secure passwords. PasswordsGuru is your irreplaceable helper for creating truly secure passwords.

In the modern world, where a lot of important aspects may depend on a password, such as confidential information money or even a person's life, you cannot afford to neglect your security. That is why we have created this convenient and absolutely free application for you!

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3 Aug 2015

CEZEO software Ltd. is now Microsoft Certifited Partner in Azure Cloud Platform

31 Jul 2015

Latest version of LanTalk NET is 3.6 ( build: 5477 )

  • Fixed: Few small bug are fixed.

Click here to download LanTalk LAN messenger.

1 Jul 2015

SecureWord now available for Windows Phone and Windows Store!

Click here to download SecureWord in Windows Phone Store or click here to download SecureWord in Windows Store

20 Dec 2014

SsdReady helps you to predict lifetime of solid-state drive in your computer!

We developed SsdReady utility for Windows to help to predict, ahead of time, of how long an SSD drive will last in your computer.

Click here to download SSD Ready.

23 Jul 2011

New version of LanTalk NET is released! ( build: 5421 )

  • Added: Conversation History item in the Contact List context menu. Easy access to your conversations with specified users.
  • Added: The separate viewer of messages for the found messages after searching.

Click here to download LanTalk LAN messenger.

20 May 2010

New version of BackUpTime is released! ( build: 3733 )

  • Warning: Since this release , BackUpTime does not support Windows 95/98/Me, Windows 2000 is minimal required operation system.
  • Added: Zip action has been replaced with 7Zip due to Zip limitations and compression level.
  • Added: Copy action and 7Zip action can work in the Incremental backup mode! However a license is required to activate this feature. Unregistered users will not be able to use incremental backup.

Click here to download BackUpTime.

21 September 2009

New version of Lantalk NET messenger is released! ( build: 5381 )

  • Added: Options to Show notifications in system tray for new messages and read receipts. We recommend to set this useful option.
  • Added: New sounds. If you want to try new sounds, update them manually in LanTalk options. Only new installations will have new sounds by default.
  • Fixed: Interface resize problem.
  • Fixed: Help file updated.

Click here to download LanTalk NET LAN Messenger.

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